Mapping Renewable Energy Efforts Across the Globe


The change to a renewable world is inevitable – and the beginning steps pose the greatest challenge. A world so overwhelmingly dependent on fossil fuels requires bold ideas, dramatic shifts in thinking, and action without delay. Fortunately we can find examples of this change across the world, at all levels of personal and collective engagement. This collection aims to portray a series of pioneering initiatives and their champions.

This website is designed to document, analyze and disseminate current practice, projects and plans for communities, cities and countries determined to be entirely independent from fossil fuel and nuclear power.

Renewable energy will be world's main power source by 2040, says BP

Annual energy forecast predicts record surge in wind, solar and other renewables

Renewable energy investment to increase by $210 billion over five years

Backing for renewable energy assets is set to rise 10% with grid-scale PV the most attractive opportunity among investors surveyed for a new report. But improved investment vehicles and outsourced asset management are still needed if climate change is to be mitigated.

Overview on renewable energy worldwide by REN21

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