Ambler Borough, Pennsylvania, USA

Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Target: 100% clean, renewable electricity community-wide by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2050
  • Status: In progress
  • RES: Solar PV
  • Implementation: In 2019, Ambler Borough Council passed a Ready for 100% Renewable Energy Resolution, with the intention of transitioning all borough-owned property away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable energy sources by the year 2050. Ambler’s Planning Commission was tasked to develop a Strategic Transition to Renewable Energy Plan, which also complemented 100% plans by surrounding municipalities. The  Plan was approved in 2020 and included interim milestones, financial impacts, equity metrics, potential financing mechanisms, and the percentage of renewable energy that is locally produced.  Locally produced and distributed energy was prioritized whenever feasible for the many advantages it provides to the community. Measures recommended include improving pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, procuring locally sourced solar panels on borough- owned buildings, coordinating with large vacant property owners along with State and Federal agencies on converting unused properties for use as solar farms, installing solar panels on elevated structures in parking lots and achieving SolSmart designation which would provide no-cost technical assistance for solar installations.

    Other measures include purchasing and budgeting new electric vehicles, installing EV chargers to meet the demand by residents, visitors, and borough fleet, encouraging the use of LED lighting in homes, businesses, and public property, providing energy assessments to help residents increase their efficiency and reduce energy costs, weatherizing existing borough-owned facilities, and coordinating code standards with specific benchmarks to increase overall energy efficiency.
  • Population:  6,807 (2020)
  • Area:  0.85 sq mi (2.21 km2)
  • Link: Ambler Borough Strategic Plan: Transition to 100% Renewable Energy from 2020 to 2050
Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA