Denton, Texas, USA

Old Courthouse, Denton, Texas, USA

  • Target: 100% renewable energy
  • Status: In progress
  • RES: Community and utility-scale solar installations and energy storage.
  • Implementation: The City of Denton was the second municipality in Texas to commit to transition to 100 percent renewable sources of energy. It began with the City Council revising its Renewable Denton Plan, to include the goal of producing enough energy from renewables to meet 100 percent of its electric needs from contracts with solar and wind developers by 2020. A copy of Denton’s ordinance and staff presentation on the energy plan can be seen here and here. By transitioning to renewable energy, the city aims to save people money on their bills, giving the impetus for city leaders and Denton Municipal Electric to dramatically reduce their reliance on  the Gibbons Creek coal plant, as well as ensuring their next renewable energy investments.
  • Population: 113,383 (2010)
  • Area: 89.316 sq mi (231.33 km2)
  • Link: Denton Municipal Electric (DME)
Old Courthouse, Denton, Texas, USA