Rockport, Missouri, USA

Rock Port, Missouri, USA

  • Target: 100% renewable energy
  • Status: Achieved
  • RES: Wind energy
  • Implementation: Rock Port Missouri announced itself as the first 100% wind powered community in the United States. Four wind turbines supplies all of its electricity. The turbines are located on agricultural lands within the city boundaries of Rock Port (Atchison County). The city consumes around 13 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year, although the four turbines have the capacity to generate 16 million kilowatt hours each year. Excess wind generated electricity not used by Rock Port homes and businesses is fed into the grid, which is purchased by the Missouri Joint Municipal Utilities for use in other areas.

    University of Missouri Extension specialists say that there are excellent opportunities for sustainable wind power in northwest Missouri. There are currently 24 wind turbines in Atchison County, 24 in Nodaway County and 27 in Gentry County. The specialists say the wind farms will bring in more than $1.1 million annually in county real estate taxes. The wind power is also benefiting landowners, who can make between $3,000 to $5,000 leasing part of their property for wind turbines. The payback on a per-acre basis is quite good when compared to a lot of other crops, resulting in savings for the community, and savings for the rural electric companies. It is projected to provide electricity service over at least 20 years. The wind turbines have also attracted visitors , adding tourism revenue.

    A map published by the U.S. Department of Energy indicates that northwest Missouri has the state's highest concentration of wind resources and contains a number of locations potentially suitable for utility-scale wind development.
  • Population: 1,227 (2016)
  • Area: 2.77 sq mi (7.17 km2)
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Rock Port, Missouri, USA