Saint-Julien-Montdenis, France

Saint-Julien-Mont-Denis, France

  • Target: 100% renewable energy
  • Status: Achieved
  • RES: A 2 MW hydro plant, several medium photovoltaic plants, and small localised solar thermal panels and wood heating systems.
  • Implementation: The mayor of Saint-Julien-Montdenis Marc Tournabien was elected in 2008, and promptly turned towards implementing several renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The municipality decided to join forces with the  local utility to take action. Located in a mountain ski region, the deployment of new energy technologies has been readily embraced by citizens of this small village. In the last few years, the town has installed a 2 MW hydro plant and several medium photovoltaic plants. The local production exceeds the total electricity needs of the village by 150%. This has enabled the municipality to export energy to the regional association of towns Cœur de Maurienne which is now supplied with electricity from only renewable sources of energy. The current challenge is to tackle local electricity dispatching. Two projects are on-going: smart metering combined with load management and decentralised storage on batteries associated to PV units. Implementation was achieved due to the available competences that were made available, through the public-private territorial utility of SOREA. SOREA was created in 2007 which gathered small existing municipal utilities to develop hydro and solar projects. It was highly advantageous that the mayor of Saint-Julien-Montdenis is a member of its board, while its headquarters, a smart building at passive house standard, is also located in the village.
  • Population: 1,632 (2014)
  • Area: 33.04 km2 (12.76 sq mi)
Saint-Julien-Mont-Denis, France