Mureck, Steiermark, Austria

Mureck, Austria

  • Target: 100% renewable energy
  • Status: Achieved
  • RES: Biodiesel plant, a biomass district heating system, a biogas plant and a photovoltaic plant.
  • Implementation: The region of Mureck/Steiermark is taking action against climate change. It is ensuring social stability and creating new jobs by focusing on renewable and decentralised energy. Today, the region exceeds its energy demand of heat, electricity and fuel by 160% through the generation and use of renewable energy. It is not only a self-sufficient but is also an energy exporter. The municipality Mureck produces energy from renewable sources via the Energy Co-operative SEEG and local energy providers Nahwärme Mureck GmbH, Ökostrom and SEBA. The providers run a biodiesel plant, a biomass district heating system, a biogas plant and a photovoltaic plant involving citizens. The SEEG makes biodiesel from rapeseed grown by about 500 regional farms, as well as from used cooking oil sourced from private households and restaurants. About 95% of Mureck’s total heat demand is covered by a 2-MW biomass heat boiler, waste heat from electricity generation and a 2-MW biogas peak load boiler. This system is run by Nahwärme Mureck GmbH.  The biogas co-generation plant generates 8,000 MWh of electricity annually as well as heat. It uses manure and by-products from biodiesel production in the production process. The 2,500 kWp citizen photovoltaic plant comprises a solar farm, panels on roofs, and a climate-friendly energy-generating glasshouse, where organic vegetables are grown.
    Through the use of renewable energy, Mureck achieves a reduction of about 60,000 t of CO2 and 20,000 t of crude oil per year. Mureck‘s energy cycle system has received three sustainable energy  awards – the World Energy Globe, the European Solar Prize and the Austrian Solar Prize. Since 1998 Mureck has been a member of the Climate Alliance Austria and in 2007 it was named the most innovative Austrian municipality.
  • Population: 1,597 (2016)
  • Area: 38.72 km2(14.95 sq mi)
  • Link: Mureck 100% Renewable
Mureck, Austria