Augusta, Georgia, USA

Old Richmond County Courthouse, Augusta, Georgia, USA

  • Target: 100% renewable electricity by 2050
  • Status: In progress
  • RES: Solar power and energy efficiency improvements
  • Implementation: Augusta, GA is committed to achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2050. The clean energy movement was founded on anti-pollution advocacy which began in the 1970s, when several neighbourhoods in  Augusta did not receive public services, like water, streetlights, or an adequate sewage system. Locals began working with Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, and rallied to approach the county commissioner with the zero waste idea. With the support of Augusta University, Paine College, board or education, and the city engineering department, the resolution was passed.

    In 2018, the Augusta City Commission approved a resolution to set a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050. The city hopes to reach 80% renewable energy by 2030. Augusta’s timeline was put on hold due to the pandemic. However, the city is still working on an implementation plan. So far, the city has added solar panels to the construction of a new school, along with the most efficient windows. Upgrades are helping the city to realize cost-savings from the clean energy transition. With Georgia Power, the local utility is helping with education programs and provides scholarships for students. The programs teach topics on recycling and clean energy. The utility also funds the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, which provides efficiency upgrades for the most affected communities. This is done via loans that are matched by Blue Ridge through fundraising activities.Source:
  • Population:  197,888 (2019)
  • Area:  306.5 sq mi (793 km2)
  • Link: Resolution in Support of a Goal of 100% Clean Energy by 2050
Old Richmond County Courthouse, Augusta, Georgia, USA